E.Mi is a trendsetter and an innovator. We are the first choice of stylish ladies and nail industry leaders in 33 countries. 7 free; cruelty-free products. 

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When it comes to a chic salon manicure, E.Mi is a trendsetter and an innovator. We are the first choice of stylish ladies and nail industry leaders in 33 countries. Stay on top of the game with E.Mi materials and techniques! Create a successful beauty salon, become a sought-after nail artist and establish yourself as manicure fashion expert! Become a part of a successful fashion business - join our E.Mi International Team! 28 distribution in Europe. 2500 Nail salons in Europe choose E.Mi.

Given the current situation all around the world, we at E.Mi-International felt that we needed to say something to all of you. We are not going to talk about the hardships, the nervousness that is all around us, or about the potential consequences. Instead, we want to focus on the positive things.First and foremost – we’re all in this together. Our community of nail artists, sales representatives, distributors and all the beautiful ladies (and gentlemen, too) stands strong.We are a community of driven, experienced, and truly unique people who can always find a solution, no matter the circumstances and together, we can do anything.Never forget that!

Our world presents us with a variety of opportunities and challenges, and with numerous ways to face them.

Can’t sell in shops and studios? We can move the sales online.

Courses don’t sell too well? Let’s launch online education or at least have free trial lessons on social media and explain why our courses rock.

Have to cancel client appointments at the studio? Let’s focus on improving our skills while we’re at home, keeping our clients up to speed with the new skills we’ve learned and getting them excited for when all this is finally over!

After all, none of us are used to staying at home with nothing to do, surrounded by piles of canned food and rolls of paper towels, are we? 😊As for our company, the business goes on as usual – we still ship orders, working on launching the novelties, fulfilling our stocks, negotiate with potential new partners, launch marketing campaigns to support online sales, work on a new online-training project (in English!), and provide tireless support to our clients and colleagues.Apart from all that, we now also have a bit more time to focus on improving our business processes, optimizing our e-shop, and analyzing our marketing tools and PR, and to take care of some other projects that have been patiently waiting their turn.So, why don’t we all sit down and try to come up with a nice message for our clients? Let them know what cool new things you’re working on, inspire them with ideas on how to keep busy at home and remind them that no matter what, beauty always wins!In the meantime, we, the servants of beauty, will stay true and keep on spreading its enticing message of happiness to everyone around the world, helping people stay positive and excited about all the things to come!So, don’t panic, keep busy and remember – beauty will save the world!With love, E.Mi-International ❤️

Hello dear E.Mi team,you get 5 *****.The goods were well packed, fast delivery.Very good service, means of payment, messages - shipment tracking.Bye until next time.

Simone H.

Добрый день!Я очень довольна покупкой.И вообще вашим сервисом. Быстрая доставка, все в наличии.Спасибо, буду всегда заказать у вас.

Kristina D.

Благодарю Вас за великолепное качество продукции 👏👏👏❤️🌹🌞🎆с Уважением к Вам 🤗

Amanda T.

I'm delighted with the course. Interestingly, in detail and everything is clear. Quality of higher education. Thank you Emi!!!

Babahova А.
Russian Federation

E.Mi Manicure collections

E.Mi manicure collections draw inspiration from haute couture and can be seen at the hottest fashion shows around the world. Each fashion season brings a new collection of delicate designs ready to complement your stylish outfits. We are proud to say that our manicure collections can be found in 32 500 of the world's best beauty salons around the globe.

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